Please note that software version numbers will not be totally sequential as some builds are for internal use only.

  1. Prevented status change to "To Let" from other than "Make Application"
  2. Prevented overlapping rental agreements
  3. Added option to delete agreements
  4. Added ability to delete items from financials screen
  5. Fixed the First payment date being ignored issue on agreements.
  1. Dis-allow space in reference numbers
  2. Fixed various bugs in auction side of Jakx
  3. Made non-managed lettings not generate rental financial records
  4. Removed non-managed lettings financial data from database
  5. Fixed diary issue when clicking on existing entry then adding new appointment uses wrong person.
  6. Improved EPC management, now just enter the energy figures, press the generate button, the epc graph is then listed on your own site and sent to any portals you subscribe to automatically.
  7. Added ability to have rental offer made list as fully available on web site.
  8. Web Leads on quick access menu, now allows direct access to new leads by clicking on +
  9. Show Street View check box is now set default from user options page
  1. New option to arrange a viewing fom the contact page.
  2. Support for reposession properties added.
  3. Bug fixed with rental totals on financials page fixed
  4. Bug with message appearing on saving some rental properties fixed.
  5. Regenerating rental agreement data now possible by edit/save agreement
  6. Periodic rental agreements now calculate correctly and extend the end dates.
  7. A number of small bugs have also been fixed.
  1. Active Rent arrears are now show in the quick menu allowing instant access to those owing money
  2. Changed the updating of tasks to be only when no other activity is happening.
  3. Fixed a bug with editing existing rental agreements, the scheduled dates now get updated correctly
  4. Expired certificates report also has the option to show missing certificates.
  1. Significant update to contact information, any users that register accounts on the "My Property File" part of your web site are now automatically downloaded into Jakx. To use this feature in jakx users must be assigned read access to the virtual branch "Web Site" in the user editor part of Administration.
  2. This will then allow you to search for users that have registered on your web site since 20th August 2012 when the new feature was added. To search for these new users goto Advanced Contact Search in Jakx select Web Site in the Entered At drop down then press search, you will then get a list of all contacts that have registered on your web site. You may refine the search further for example by selecting only people looking to rent, or people that registered since a given date.
  3. When a property matches the property requirements that the user selected in "My Property File" details of new or updated properties will automatically be sent to these users overnight, they are not added to the client matching system in Jakx.
  4. When ever you update the properties to your web site, Jakx automatically looks ate the "My Property File" data to see if there is anything new, if there is it automatically updates the Jakx database for you.
  5. Rental change : you can now have payment dates 29,30 & 31. the system will automatically adjust to the last day of the month if that month has less days than you select
  1. New look and feel to this version, sidebar moved to left and made more significant
  2. Shortcut button screen removed
  3. Quick access options and shortcut buttons in search bar
  4. Quick Search in sidebar, search for contacts and properties from here.
  5. Rental financials bug fixed.
  6. Removed clients in credit from overdue rent report
  7. Added colour theme choices in user options (general)
  8. Tenants address change dto property address when new agreement created
  9. Diary printing options improved to increase text that gets printed
  10. Landlord Invoice tidied up and agency address added to top
  11. You can now change the colour theme in File/User Options
  1. New option to auto relist let properties on the web site.
  2. On contact list you can now send letters to all selected contacts rather than all contacts (press ctrl shift to select each contact)
  3. Initials now shown on diary if all at branch is used.
  4. Various other diary bugs fixed.
  5. Fixed an issue with vendors being marked inactive at Exchanged rather than Completed
  1. New EPC graphic page upload option added to media gallery, this is mandatory from April 2012
  2. Figures now reset if transaction type changed.
  3. Financials section for lettings few bugs fixed.
  4. Include in mailing list/property matches defaults now fixed.
  1. Now possible to send emails / letters to more than one vendor at a time from results screen.
  2. Added ability to generate QR codes to link to individual properties
  3. Added valuation amount to on market letters
  4. Property search now ignores currency errors
  5. Now possible to exclude a property from portals
  6. Certificate start end dates issue now resolved.
  7. Booking keys in/out issues now resolved.
  8. Deleting appointments now audited.
  9. Now possible to mail merge all solicitors.
  10. Updating property styles in admin no longer causes a software crash.
  11. Certain characters in floor/room descriptions causing jakx to crash - fixed.
  12. Street map display option included in jakx, needs web site enhancements to fully work.
  13. Viewing feedback number of characters increased.
  14. Prevented the withdrawla of properties that have a current tennant.
  15. EPC reference issue now resolved.
  16. Newspaper style print now gets more properties per page.
  17. Spell checker colour changed for visually impared.
  1. Changed the way emails are handled to allow for roaming profiles in windows.
  2. Various improvements to the user editor in admin.
  1. Bug on jakx email items now fixed.
  2. Audio Agent link improved significantly to allow agents to send property details directly at the click of one button.
  3. Statement of accounts on managed properties have been improved. Footer can now be added in admin, advanced configuration, system parameters.
  4. Label printing bug fixed - wasnt sending print command
  5. Flashy printing list amended, now auto fits price and pre priced message and displays road name and district.
  6. Register interest bug fixed, when adding contact and doing client match straight away.
  7. History bug fix, when clicking on applicant email details have been sent now brings up correct applicant.
  8. Portal sending added to admin
  1. File attachments, you can now create folders to organise files better.
  2. Can now send a letter to a contact direct rather than via a property or match.
  3. Money laundering bug fixed with multiple contacts.
  4. Lettings - statements now saved to file attachments.
  5. Bug Fix - Inventory address now in Sentance case.
  6. SMS text can now be sent when booking an appointment for a viewing etc.
  7. The contact search results now have an addtional column added showing the price bands.
  8. From the file menu you can now see all recent contacts that have been used in a similar way to the properties.
  9. New report - outstanding repairs are listed where they have not been inspected/agreed.
  10. Key enhancement, more than 1 set of keys can now be added per property and booked in and out as required.
  11. Inventory - the data is now displayed and printed in alphabetic room order.
  12. Inventory - the last room name entered is the default and then you can overtype and it continues - saves on typing room names over and over.
  13. Contact results now display company name field also.
  14. When arranging a viewing if a single contcat result is returned it is in the list view to cancel if the wrong one.
  15. Bug fix - when you now click the x at the contact when arranging a viewing it does the same as cancel.
  16. Financial tab, the statement can now be printed through a date range option.
  17. HIP referral option added in more details.
  18. Email templates amended for multiple offices to allow for contact details to show per property within the email.
  19. Contact letters are now stored within the contact record
  20. Diary now has more options to allow the end user to specify 5 personal definitions for appointments and colour code each one.
  21. Guarantor merge fields added to Let letters
  22. Solscompany merge fields added to relevant sales letters.
  23. New HIP Referral report added.
  24. All contacts can now be searched for in one go from the contact list by choosing the All option.
  25. The postcode link has now moved to file, user options.
  26. Send bond payment option in the payments screen of a tenancy. Click on the bond and a new button will appear allowing to to tell the system that the bond has been sent to your deposit scheme. This is then recorded on the Rental Deposit Report.
  27. Periodic tenancies can now be created: the option in the agreement page becomes available under edit mode only within 28 days of the original end date. Set to Yes, then save, within 7 days of the subsequent payment schedule when jakx is loaded it will then add the payment to the payments schedule as normal. The period will then revert to No an will need to be reselected if it is required the following month. If longer lets are being agreed then new agreements can be made at any point and terminated early if required.
  1. Diary now syncs with outlook
  2. Jakx email system radically changed to now store all sent messages in the database including attachments
  3. Application made has been added to the drop down list of status options on the property search screen.
  4. Bug fix of cheque number being stored as currency in letting screen.
  5. Bug fix when clicking delete from linked contacts tab when no contact was selected.
  6. Money laundering and solicitor tab hidden when the contact is a tenant.
  7. You can now add a note from the contact results screen.
  8. Invetories can now be saved as PDF and this saves them to the file attachments folder.
  9. Bug fix, de linking and re linking vendors/landlords many times does not confuse the system anymore.
  10. One telephone number is now complusory per contact as requested by many agents
  11. one less click when showing to applicant now defaults the contact list to the relevant type ie purcahsers or applicants.
  12. Bug fix, sorting the order on tenancy payments screen via headers.
  1. The ability to open the day view of the diary from the scheduled inpection visits screen by double clicking on an appointment.
  2. Landlords can now be serach by additional criteria of whether they have a property let on, not on the market or available.
  3. New text added in admin re SMS "if you have recently added messages and the credit is showing 0 please send message as normal as this figure will then update"
  4. Repairs tab now has utility companies listed to allow you to pay a bill and then invoice the landlord accordingly.
  5. Inventory Print option now available.
  6. Caller Id linked to any TAPI enabled phone system.
  7. Call button from contact cards to the number from any TAPI enabled phone system.
  8. A new properties tab has been added to the contact card for landlords and vendors to show all properties that they have links to and relevant status.
  9. The history of a contact now has the edits turned off by defaullt for easier reading and has outstanding and future viewings/tasks displayed separately at the top.
  10. The bond is now shown on the tenants page.
  11. File attachments can be added to from the property results page.
  12. Bold, Underline and Italics are now allowed in the brief and full description fields, click the icon at the start of the text and then again at the end.
  13. From a vendor or landlord contact a new tab has been added that shows all the properties that they are linked to and the property records can be opened from there.
  14. Board Stock control system added in admin in board set up. Set the number of boards you have and it will calculate the number you have left.
  15. Assign a task can now be got through add a note function also.
  16. Repairs can now be emailed to contractors.
  17. New EPC report added with a future selectable date range showing when EPCs are due to expire.
  18. Receipt letter added after payment received from a tenant.
  19. New merge field added to SSTC status to show the asking price.
  20. Invoice and covering letter for monthly rent.
  21. New user option added to allow the number of reminder days to be set as required for certificates.
  22. Job sheet added to repairs for emailing and printing
  23. The last offer/sale agreed price is now shown in the property results screen.
  24. Fixed issue with Mobile Agent version 5.1.0

This version has been over hauled in a number of ways and includes a completely new lettings management system. New quick guides and user manual are available and can be emailed.

  1. A new contact system has now been implemented, all applicants/buyers/vendors/landlords/guarantors and contractors are added in the same way. Once contact can be multiple things.
  2. The contact search screen has removed the price band search and replaced with one figure, any buyer that has this figure in their requirements will appear.
  3. A new media gallery has been added in the property, you can now add unlimited photos and pdfs. Simply click add media.
    1. NB - to associate images with a room, the floors and rooms need to be added and then must come out of jakx and go back in before you can associate the images to them.
  4. The To Do List has a new option of alerts for rental reminders.
  5. A new services tab has been added to properties to show councils and utility companies.
  6. Property Types and Styles have been swapped. This is due to the strictness of the portals. House, Bungalow and Apartment etc will be the first and then detached etc the second.
  7. Setting the types used is still done in admin but you now select which ones you want enabled, the main list is hard coded and cannot be changed at your end.
  8. Properties can be set to show as managed and/or student lets.
  9. Contact results can now be maximised.
  10. Properties can now be set to Part Ex for marketing lists.
  11. The audit trail of changes made to contacts has been increased, more data changes showing in contact history.
  12. Part Exchange properties can be identified individually and searched for specifically.
  13. Client Matching from a buyer to properties - the option to delete properties that are not relevant has now been added.
  14. Tentative appointments no longer will show on feedback screen in a contact or on the feedback report - the property history will show as tentative as will the To Do list and the contact history.
  15. Diary - you can now change the date of an appointment without the need to cancel and re-arrange.
  16. Reports- these can now be emailed to any email address.
  17. Property lists are now deteremind by the ticking the check boxes to the left of the property in the results list. This is the opposite way around.
  18. Bug fix - when there was no house number or name the property addrees was not displayed in the buyer history when a viewing had been arranged.
  19. From the property history you can double click on the buyers name and it will open the record card.
  20. Bug Fix - buyer history now shows cancelled appointments as cancelled.
  21. Bug Fix - Diary the applicants tel number was not displaying if it was a mobile only now shows if no main tel number available
  22. Bug Fix - cloning or properties did not carry over the required ticks in sales progress.
  23. Diary - print the dialy diary now shows tel numbers.
  24. Diary - if an appointmnet is made for another person they will be emailed as long as they have an email address next to their user name in admin.
  25. Bug Fix - Diary if a task was cleared it remained in the diary no longer does.
  26. Client matching - buyers notes are now displayed when a property match is done against them.
  27. Client matching - now ordered by importance of buyer i.e. first time buyers and cash buyers at the top, there is an extra column at the end that shows the status.
  28. Bug Fix - internal email system can now be sorted by the headers correctly.
  29. Viewing hits report - now can be shown on a branch level.
  30. Vendors are now as contacts and will appear in the to do list under contacts when no contact has been made - displayed with a house symbol.
  31. The contact support now opens email link directly.
  32. The additional appointment options now all have a general letter attached with them.
  33. Bug Fix - overseas property address' now complete on all letters without a full address.
  34. A Notes tab has been added to the contacts, if the contact is a vendor or a landlord the note will be replicated to the property. Notes for the property should just go on the property direct.
  35. Notes are added under a + when client matching.
  36. Bug Fix - where no contact post code added the full address now shows.
  37. Wide Screen back drop created
  38. New merge fields: tenant salutation, tenantfullname, tenantaddname, tenantforename
  39. New letters added to the application made stage.
  40. The existing staff performance report now include FS referrals.
  41. From client matching when no matches are found there is a new letter that can be sent.
  42. New lettings reports of overdue rent - this will show how much is over due and by how many days.
  43. New lettings report showing all fees that are due to you on a date range.
  44. Removal of let boards can be determined by day selection in admin.
  1. Vendors can now be emailed or written to from the property results on an individual basis.
  2. The Mail Meger Vendors option has been brought to the property results page and will list the vendors that appear in the results only.
  3. Appointments for Staff viewings, measure ups and photo shoots have been added on the property results in the same way that viewings work.
  4. Bug fix - the where field in the diary when making manual appointments has been made compulsory and will default to office if nothing is entered.
  5. Bug Fix - when adding an applicant and not clicking save first no tick box in the requirements page - option removed so must click save first.
  6. Save button added to more pages in an applicant card.
  7. Lettings, have added a new tab on the lettings agreement section allowing for monthly payments to be marked as paid accordingly.
  8. Jakx is now much more in tune with a lettings package and can offer the admin functions for lettings.
  9. Bug fix - when you click cancel on an appointment it now simply cancels no message box appears.
  10. Letter Option at Offer Accepted Stage.
  11. Bug Fix - If a property had a name and number only the number was showing in viewings now both.
  12. PDF Brochures - moe characters added for bullet points and address split into single sections and more groups allowing for more flexibility
  13. Diary - the buyers tel number is now displayed.
  14. If a key is held then a key icon will appear on the image on a property result.
  1. Reports - have been completely changed to allow for set personell to see (or not) specific reports thus allowing managemnt to retain control of some data.
  2. Reports - new reports added as requested by clients.
  3. Reports - Properties when completed will show as unpaid until the new field marked as Paid is set. To do this search for the property and at the bottom of the results screen is a Payment recieved button. Click this and the flag can then be set in the invoice/advice screen will be set.
  4. Money Laundering Screen added to applicants.
  5. User options - have been laid out into different sections for ease of use.
  6. Email Settings have moved fromthe database selection screen to User options.
  7. Vendor details can now be displayed on the property results screen - optional in User Options.
  8. Fetaured Properties can now be set anywhere on your web site and allocated for position thrpugh the basic details screen in Jakx. The web site will need converting to use this and there will be a nominal charge for makingt he amendments.
  9. Valuation advice entered when a property has been valued can now be accessed by going to File Fee/Valuation Advice.
  10. Withdrawn properties now have the same option as 'Not Accepted' for validating why the property has been lost.
  11. Mailing labels added for print from applicant to properties.
  1. Additional property style option added.
  2. Client matching enhanced to allow bespoke email templates when sending properties by email.
  1. Auction functionality added to the more details page of a property and this can be linked to a section on a web site if required.
  2. Email address added to the applicant results.
  3. Contact source report updated to include vendor figures and a date range.
  4. Addition to Advanced Configuration in admin to allow different banners to be displayed on properties on the web siute results page. I.e. when offer banners are displayed.
  5. Solicitors linked to post code database for ease of adding.
  6. Email functionality built in to applicants to enable messages and/or attachments to be sent - this will allow newsletters.
  7. Bug Fix - The drop down list for who is attending the viewing can be changed, the diary refreshes next time page loaded.
  8. Bug Fix - When arranging a valuation the accompanied box now defaults to on and links in with letters.
  1. Updated To An ISSL Product
  2. Additional 2020 letter for marketing purposes has been added.
  3. Essential attributes have been added for more accurate client matching.
  4. Vendors have a notes field that will be displayed on the vendor records and also on a single property result.
  5. On the finacial details page of a vendor new fields for bank details especially for Isle of Man regulations.
  6. User options change to allow property results to be displayed in price order ascending or descending.
  7. Added energy efficency and CO2 impact ratings to the more details page.
  8. sms - icludes pre price message now, scottish agents in particular require this.
  9. User options - now have options for hi - lo and lo - high price ordering.
  10. Bug fix - to lettings - when letters turned on and off.
  11. Bug Fix - Market Appriasal report - now correct for odd data.
  12. Prompt for valuation if buyer has a property to let.
  13. Tab order corretced in offer made status.
  14. Bug Fix - Newspaper advertising - when deleting a layout still remains.
  15. Bug Fix - board report - re checked and changes made to make information more accurate.
  1. SMPT Email Authentication Mode Added / database selection screen options
  1. Client Matching Bug Resolved.
  2. New options added to display.exe these Are :-
    1. /MODE:RENT or /MODE:BUY
    2. /BRANCH:002 enter a branch number to limit display to just that branch
    3. /DELAY:25 number of seconds to display each property for.
  3. Image orientation bug fixed.
  1. Image Handling Bug Fixed.
  2. New reminder Modes For lettings, diarise payments due and 1 month reminder for when property is available.
  3. Style mandatory now for all properties to aid with client matching.
  4. Floors can now be added.
  5. Floors can be set to work as a spreadsheet, allowing availability options for developments. Contact support for more information on this.
  6. Pipeline report fixed to remove completed data.
  7. Contact due date report for applicants now has a date range.
  8. Different colours assigned for viewings for lettings as opposed to sales.
  9. Solicitors can now be deleted, however 1 must always remain per company.
  10. The list of property status' on the property serach screen has been ordered better.
  11. Assign a task from the property goes into the property notes.
  12. Mail merge by email now available.
  13. Assign a task from an applicant to carry over data into the diary, to do list and the history.
  14. Board count report is now in date order and not reference number order.
  1. Various bugs fixed with the diary.
  2. Bug fixed with word brochure room ordering.
  3. Fixed Various Issues With Isle Of Man as country for the property.
  4. Fixed Comparable Auto Number Generation.
  5. User editor initials now locked after save
  6. User editor now shows logged on status and machine name, and added unlock facility
  7. Added price range on applicant lookup screen.
  8. Fixed PDF Floor Upload Problem.
  9. Fixed a problem with missing images in property lists.
  10. Fixed the error showing deleted applicants/vendors in todo list
  1. NEW TO DO LIST on shortcut buttons screen links through to Diary, Outstanding Viewings, Viewing feedbacks, outstanding tasks, applicants to be contacted.
  2. Email option available from the Vendor screen.
  3. Email option available from the Applicant results screen. CTRL to multi select.
  4. Task assigning all link to diary.
  5. Bug fix to allow application made on lettings NOT to show as offers made on properties where they are set to For sale/to let.
  6. The order of the property search list has changed to be in the order of the change status screen.
  7. More assign tasks options linked to To Do lIst.
  8. Board report reminder upon closure of Jakx.

Please note jakx version 1.1.04 supercedes all jakx version starting 2006

  1. Added more advanced email facilities, you are now able to email vendors and applicants directly from jakx. All emails sent are accessable from the Jakx-Email system (from file menu), a maximum of 10 attachments may be sent with each email. Emails are html compatible and there is a built in email editor allowing the use of many fonts, colours etc.
  2. Many bugs found in the initial release of jakx fixed in 1.1.2
  1. EAS-Pro is Now Called JAKX
  2. Scrolling through property list now shows pictures.
  3. All main images now shown in scrollable window in property details.
  4. You can choose what address details get sent to web site and displayed on property lists.
  5. Task's may be assigned from applicant's or property screens.
  6. Staff deletions: properties, applicants and diary appointments can be shared between other staff members.
  7. All date entry field's have been updated, this is for overseas compatability.
  8. Postcode database changed to a web based database, this is easier for us to keep updated.
  9. Removed the multiple profile option as it was never used.
  10. Fixed a bug on the email database to tech support option.
  11. General Notes can now be printed on potential listing sheet (add field "GeneralNotes")
  12. Reports have been overhauled:
    1. Market Appraisal - now includes the average fee.
    2. Applicants registered - The persons initials who entered the applicant are now included and it is grouped for ease.
    3. Viewings are grouped by the person arranging them for ease.
    4. Inactivity of Applicants enhanced to use the settings in User Options.
    5. Cancelled Listings - based on the manager of the property.
    6. Price Changes - based on the manager of the property.
    7. Report of Viewings (Vendor Not Informed) - Shown in order of who arranged them and who entered the applicant. The report can be split to show a negotiators own applicants only.
    8. Board report allows re-erect option populated from within a property under the advertsiing section.
    9. Board report showing the number of boards currently erected.
    10. Key report showing where keys are.
    11. Report of exchanged properties due for completion to allow calculation of monies due.
    12. Solicitor referrals now shown in reports section.
  13. New build option to identify properties easier have been added.
  14. A Payment Schedule/|Deposit option has been built in allowing staggered payments for new build properties and deposits on resales. This is within the 'Offer Agreement' tab of a buyer accessed through a buyer or a property. Built in reminder/task for follow ups.
  15. Solicitors referral option added so that branches can identify any referrals that they have passed on.
  16. Property List Options have been increased/enhanced to allow more flexibility.
  17. Property search results now displays property names and numbers.
  18. Sequential offer numbers have been built into the properties..
  19. Directions and long description added to merge fields for Word brochures.
  20. Page numbers and date have been added to the bottom of Property Lists.
  21. Applicant property requirements a 'Select All and Unselect All' options to allow easier use.
  22. Reminder built in to allow contact if a Market Appraisal is not accepted.
  23. PDF attachments can now be added and upload to your web site. I PDF per floor is allowed. There is an additonal cost for the hosting of these files.
  24. The diary and letter production screen have been changed to show the negotiators for the office logged in at the top rather than in alphabetical order.
  25. New property list with bullet points and no photos.
  26. The address format for vendors and buyers has changed to allow a free format text box and eliminates complusory fields.
  27. Prompt before closing Jakx to prevent closing unintentionally.
  28. Location and directio nfields added into merge fields for Word brochures.
  29. PDF attachments can now be added 1 per floor.
  30. Links aution properties with lot numbers.
  31. Can now serach for applicants by email address.
  32. Web registered applicants are now downloaded into JAKX.
  33. Help manual and Tips Of The Day are automatically updated.
  1. Rewritten the way images and documents are stored allowing multi branch agencies to have different server names in each office
  2. Images from other offices are now downloaded from the web site at either a low resolution or medium resolution for brochure printing.
  3. The upload image size is now fixed at 1024x768
  4. It is now possible to have multiple highlighted properties on your web site highlighted properties are shown in the property list in bold red text, this was formerly property of the week.
  5. You can now search for properties by country.
  6. Applicants can also be searched by country required.
  7. Fixed a small bug in the LMS module where it was not sending the details correctly.
  8. Added more image options to the PDF print applications.
  9. Backup software improved and made to backup to a new server at our end.
  10. Applicants registering on your web site are now downloaded automatically to EAS-PRO.
  11. All web links have now been changed to show the new .net property details page.
  12. Last 15 properties used now selectable from file menu 'Recent Properties'
  13. Bug on backup software fixed.
  14. Publisher brochures now saved in file attachments within the property.
  15. Notes can be added to property from single search or results screen.
  16. Applicant Interest can be registered against a property, viewed in history.
  17. Property status shown in single search screen.
  18. Property reference number generation changed to allow more properties than 9999
  19. It is now possible to switch between property of the week mode and highlighted mode.
  1. Licence restrictions Are Now Enforced.
  2. EMail Of Property Details TO Estate-Software now possible.
  3. FTP Via windows ftp to estate-software enabled.
  4. Removed option to disable vendor screen, this is now always displayed.
  5. Removed option to start a property at on market stage.
  6. Added money laundering requirements option to vendor screen.
  7. Prevented property from being marketed without money laundering checks.
  8. Fixed bug on image cutting leaving High Resolution images.
  9. Added commercial property size search capability.
  10. Added commercial property size requirements to applicant.
  11. Changed look of many of the screens in preperation for contact manager release.
  12. Added initial requirements for LMS link and Home Information Packs.
  13. Sending Of SMS messaging added from vendor & Applicant screen directly.
  14. Changed property display links to .net version.
  15. Changed technical support help link to ticketing system link.
  16. Added new screens and functionality for franchising/data sharing options.
  17. Internal email client changed to more reliable one.
  18. Backup Software can now be run as a scheduled task with command line parameters
  19. Chain Details Page Can Now Be Printed
  20. Sales Board Removal At Completion Stage Added.
  21. Many Letters Now Emailable, This To be improved in next release.
  22. Room/Floors now require you to save/cancel before changing screens.
  23. Property Of the week can now be removed.
  24. Web site usage graph changed to .net graph.
  25. Batch Client Matching Bug Fixed.
  26. Batch Client Match will now show the properties that have matched against each client
  27. Batch Client Match Label printing improved to show brochure references.
  28. 'DMO' account is now only an admin account, property creation is now disabled.
  29. Print Button Added To Newspaper Listing.
  30. Price now shown on single property search results.
  31. SMS Quick messages saved in applicant history.
  32. Newspaper Report Layout Changed to group by property reference.
  33. System will not run if no printers are installed, a messgae asking for a printer to be installed will be displayed.
  34. If a previously installed printer is removed, the system will now default the system printers to the default windows printer.
  1. Duplicate Applicant warning facility has been added. This includes checking against deleted applicants with the same name and address.
  1. Bug fix to allow vendors with apostrophes ( ' ) in their name to be searched.
  2. Bug fix to allow searching for applicants by part postcode.
  1. An overhaul of the reporting system. New Pipeline report added together with a new report detailing property advertising.
  2. Bug fix to searching for 'To Let' properties with a price range from the Property Search screen.
  3. Tidy up of the Administration module to simplify it.
  4. The removal of the 'Set Reminder' option within an appointment. (This will be re-instated once it is fully operational).
  1. Manual appointments now have an accompanied option.
  2. Property Search has been changed to allow for Maximum number of bedrooms to be searched.
  3. Tasks created when letters are sent are now diarised for action with property link.
  4. The property advertising text if left blank will now pick up either Bullet Point or Brief Description.
  5. Letters can now be cloned. Copies can be made from weithin Administration for ease.
  6. The Inactive Applicants report has been fixed.
  7. Publisher Brochures can now be cloned.
  1. Bug fixed with PIM allowing the split times view to be saved.
  2. The way the Diary is shown has been changed to have the options ta the top rather than down the left side.
  3. New wording added to property requiremetns within applicnats to give better understanding of the location/area section to the search.
  4. Changes made to Administration to make Set Up easier
  5. "Did You Know?" added to highlight features of easpro and services offered by Estate Software Limited.
  6. Bug fixed in PIM where the notes were not being saved in an appointment.
  7. 10 Virtual tours can now be added (there is an additional cost for this)
  1. All applicants must now have a door number and/or house name entered. All existing active applicants must be edited.
  2. Added completion status, all exchanged properties have been changed to completed.
  3. New Cancellation report added.
  4. Fixed bug with Outstanding Vieiwng Appointments report - if both vendor and applicant were set to No.
  5. Fixed bug with Images on Client Match print outs.
  6. Fixed the currency bugs, now fully works in euro's, USD & others should be ok.
  7. Fixed bug where no printer installed.