Adding properties

In Jakx, you only need enter the same data once. The more detail you add at the start, the better the system will function through the life of that property. For example, the property description is used on your own website, portals, brochures, property lists and window cards.

Properties are added from the initial request for a market appraisal, giving you comparibles and a great amount of data even for those properties are you are unfortunately enough not to list.

Features & Benefits at a glance

  • Unlimited resources in the database for comparables - including pre-marketed, current and sold/let properties.
  • Any currency can be used in Jakx, allowing for overseas properties.
  • All entries are recorded to make vendor contact quick, easy and accurate.
  • Multiple currencies allow overseas properties to be added.
  • Minimise paper costs by automatically keeping copy letters on file.
  • No more hunting for files or deciphering handwriting.
  • Notes can be added quickly by any staff member, allowing sales chases to be monitored simply.

Finding properties

The property search function in Jakx is very versatile, allowing you to search by any individual field or multiple criteria. A simple, powerful search makes it easy to find, for example, a single property—such as for a price change—or all properties currently marked 'For Sale' or 'To Let' in order to create a property list.

Because a large amount of each day is spent working on properties, finding the properties you need to work on should be simple. When you have a set of results, you can add notes directly, match single and multiple properties to potential buyers, arrange viewings and more.

Features & Benefits at a glance

  • Properties can be filtered based on almost any criteria, from address, type, style and price, to status, vendor name and more.
  • Property lists can be produced in a number of styles directly from any set of search results.
  • Calls or additional information can be quickly added in the form of a file note, ensuring everyone is kept up to date.
  • Details of properties can quickly be emailed to matching contacts.

Property matching

Property matching is an integral part of Jakx, allowing you to match a person to a property—or a property to a person—at any time. Jakx matches accurately, allowing you to use as much or as little client data as is available.

Most agents know their market, using property price as the main guideline, with a limited number of additional requirements. There are many instances, however, where particular requirements must be met—such as the need for a bungalow. This is where Jakx really shines, only showing matches for all of your requirements.

Features & Benefits at a glance

  • Matching can be done both person to property and property to person, at any time. For example, matching at pre-listing can give you a list of potential viewers.
  • When a contact is added, a match report is generated. This report contains links to properties that match any specified criteria, and can be emailed to the client immediately.
  • Property links that are sent out direct users to your website, generating more traffic to you, and not to the property portals where competitor properties can be found.
  • Combining property matching with the ability to send results to buyers and tenants by email means they could be informed within minutes of new properties becoming available, keeping them informed and becoming just one part of the level of service you provide.

Other Features